hands photo_shutterstock_344201303Our Mission

Roots Renewal Counseling (RRC) is honored to serve the mental health needs of children, couples, adults, and families in a holistic way that respects multicultural diversity and the LGBTQIA community. RRC welcomes all income levels.


  • Respects the uniqueness of each individual within the context of a greater community
  • Respects connections with nature and her healing abilities
  • Respects that good therapy comes from mental health practitioners that are offered a living wage coupled with time and space to take care of themselves


At RRC we seek to eliminate barriers for St. Louis community members, ensuring access to high quality mental health services.  We envision a future where mental health practitioners are honored, paid a livable wage, and are encouraged to have a work/life balance. We see a world where anyone seeking mental health services will receive expert care in a timely and compassionate manner.