Couples Therapy

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Each person within a relationship has the power to transform and change.  However, past traumatic wounds often hamper a couple’s ability to grow and should be examined. Sometimes the individuals that make up couples may not be able to fully give of themselves if they are trying to protect an emotional wound that they have received earlier in their life. For this reason, we work with Dr. Harville Hendrix’s Imago Therapy and have assisted many couples in creating a healing relationship.

In addition, we draw upon the theories of the nation’s foremost couples therapy researcher, Dr. John Gottman.  Dr. Gottman believes that the healthiest relationships are those based upon a strong friendship which can be developed through learned communication skills, respect, and shared activities.

Albert Einstein said it the best when he explained that it is insanity to try the same things and expect different results. This philosophy goes for both the therapist and the clients. If we notice, as the therapist, that a couple appears to be “stuck”, then we will try a new way of working with you. If we find both members of the couple trying new ways of being and a change is not occurring, we will work together to add different ingredients so that the flavor of the relationship tastes sweeter and even more delicious!

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