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  • Sarah Runk

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    Sarah Runk

    Sarah Runk, MAR, MA, LPC is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Missouri. Sarah hails from Pennsylvania where she received two advanced degrees. She earned her first Master’s in Spiritual and Cultural Counseling in 2011.  Sarah then went on to complete her second master’s degree in Clinical Counseling in 2015. During her time in Pennsylvania, Sarah was a Drug and Alcohol Addictions Counselor. In addition, Sarah is experienced in working with sexual abuse survivors.  Since moving to St. Louis in 2016, she has practiced in Florissant, Missouri helping clients with concerns related to anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, sexual abuse, and depression. Sarah is passionate about assisting individuals and teens to move through traumatic experiences. She continues to pursue research and knowledge regarding trauma treatment and utilizes Trauma-focused approaches such as attachment theories, PTSD focused treatment, and EMDR. 

    Her contact information is as follows: phone, 631.333.0130, email, [email protected], and fax 314.787.9652.