On-Line Couples Course

Are you and your partner losing some of your magic?

Maybe you are finding that you are doing any of following:
  • Fighting more often
  • Having sex less often!
  • Worrying about the future of your relationship
  • Feel as though you can’t understand one another

For less than the cost of one couple’s counseling session, you may learn all of the skills that couples take months to learn in expensive couples therapy. Not to mention, you will be in the comfort of your own home, learning at your  own pace.

Session 1: The Dance
This week you will focus on learning the typical relational patterns that detract you from feeling fulfilled by your relationship. You will also be learn about the importance of being aware of your emotions.
Session 2: Energy Leakage
During this time we will build upon your commitment to one another and begin to focus on revitalizing the energy that you bring to your partnership. At the end of this week you will be able to use the communication skills that help your relationship thrive!
Session 3: Your Relationship and Your Brain
Did you know that the way your brain is “wired” directly affects the quality of your relationship? Here you are going to learn more about how to effectively stop unproductive arguments, before they start.
Session 4: Dealing with Difficult S^%t!
Everyone, even the instructor of this course, deals with difficult s#*t in their relationship. This week you are going to create a withdrawal ritual. By the end of the week you and your partner will be able to discuss difficult situations and no one will end up sleeping on the couch!
Session 5: Let’s Talk About Sex 🙂
During this week you will focus on rekindling your sexual intimacy Expect to have fun and try new things in the bedroom (or the dining room table, for that matter)!
Session 6: Congrats, You Two Did It!
Yes! You did it. During this time you will notice what happens when you invest the love and energy that you deserve to have an amazing, thriving romantic partnership. This will be the time to “kick up” your heels and enjoy!

Yes, I want 6 Transformational Weeks