The Focus Wheel

The Focus Wheel

 It is my pleasure to share a helpful tool in shifting thought patterns and circumstances in your life, the Focus Wheel.  This worksheet (below) will help you to pick a topic in which you would like to see shift or change.  You may choose something that you wish to “nudge” in a certain direction.   For example, a lot of people might start with something like their jobs. You may write, “I love my job.”  Now this statement may not feel entirely true in the moment; however, this statement is something that you are working towards feeling.  It is important that it is a clear statement written in present tense.  Now after writing the statement, “I love my job,”, then the next part would be to write out the “whys”.  What reasons could you find to possibly love your job?  You may start out with vim and vigor noticing all the ways that you really do love your job, until maybe you get to number 8, at which time you may start thinking to yourself: Maybe I don’t love my job after all.  Nonetheless, I encourage you finish the task at hand, as the “juice” of this exercise is in the numbers 8-12 – your shift in thinking may occur here.  When you are finished, put your focus wheel in a place where you can see it, often – look at it each day.  You will soon begin to notice that the topic statement is closer and closer to your reality.  Happy focusing!

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